abrightidea (abrightidea) wrote in coffeehouserev,

Lost Dog Cafe!

Alrighty! For those of you out there, I am planning a small trip to WV, Shepardstown to be specific to goto the Lost Dog Cafe for foods and drink! The Lost Dog cafe is supporting the coffee house rev and other things anti-starbucks and have given me a beautiful t-shirt in exchange for one of my coffee house t-shirts from Java. A lovely gesture, and I welcome them to being apart of the revolution. Anyone willing or desiring to go along this small road trip leave me a comment. I am planning this in September so be aware that school will factor into our day of the trip. It will most likely take place on a saturday. And for those members that wish to go but are in the westren shore area, let me know and we can pick you up on the way!
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