craftyboy (craftyboy) wrote in coffeehouserev,

E GAGS Starbucks in the Bury!?

NOO!! I was reading my campus e-mail and recieved this e-mail. Naturally I destroyed it but the title of said e-mail got me to open it.

From: Some Starbucks chica
To: (Lots of student)
CC: (More Students)
Date: Friday - April 22, 2005 5:14 PM
Subject: Part-time Job Alert: Starbucks in Salisbury.

Barista and Shift Supervisor. NEW Starbucks Store in Salisbury. Need several employees. The Job Description is lengthy and is in Career services. This job contributes to Starbucks success by providing legendary customer service. This job creates the Starbucks experience by providing customers with prompt service and quality beverages and products. All full and part-time employees may get the following benefits: health coverage, stock options, retirement, a fun, team-oriented work environment and more. Call immediately- Jeff Danley 410-641-5134. For more complete info go to (I edited it cause no one should work for the store)

See Starbucks is slowly invading places in the middle of nowhere. Jay was saying there is a coffee shop around here and Starbucks may try to smother them. This sux :/.
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