craftyboy (craftyboy) wrote in coffeehouserev,

A new voice in the revolution

I've just joined the group and I plan on being an active member. Few people know the taste of fresh coffee from a "ma and pa" coffee store anymore. Nor do they know the friendly bonds made at such friendly establishments. These people who own these stores are not big smug businessmen and women who just want to get the biggest profit and would, whether intentionally or unintentionally, make coffee and the meaning behind coffee shops artificial and commercial.

Starbucks does not need my money. They are one of the largest chains around which will one day be a monopoly if no one does anything to stop it. I've read articles were Starbucks has pressured coffee stores to close and then opens up like 4 stores in one block. This is all to monopolize the industry so they can give us crappy artificial coffee and make the environment of a coffee place less like a place to relax and meet people and more like a Walmart. Not saying Walmarts are bad but they just aren't nearly as relaxing as a little nice clean store where you can sit and relax and have a nice warm cappuccino while talking to friends or reading a book.
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