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Hi everyone, its me again. Just a small update for the group, the shepardstown, wv trip is looking promising for a friday afternoon in september, which means yes we will miss starnet for those of you here at Salisbury University but this will be an adventure not to be missed. Maura I still need a schedule from you and a date that is best from all of you. Please get back to me. Also, if you don't make this one never fret because there will be a trip to Salisbury, NC to visit a neat place down there that I have been informed about by pbisnotmyname. And coffee tip today- when drinking snickerdoodle coffee try a little white sugar, one brown sugar cube and some cinnamon to make an amazing cup of coffee. Ciao!
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On fridays, My only class ends at 10 am
by the way, do we have a website for this? because i could host it at my UMBC webspace, if i knew some information
no but if you are willing to open a site to be home to this mayhem, I will more than assist you in whatever way possible :-D