Susan (wendylady85) wrote in coffeehouserev,


So Bruce Springsteen is putting out a new album. Now most members of this group are probably not too into his music, but it is Springsteen. Guess what? Starbucks will not promote his latest album because it's to "racy". Check out this MSN article.>1=6472

So I think I will support Bruce by telling those that like him to buy this album (and if I enjoy it maybe I will too).
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Of coruse people who like him should buy his album. They said StarBucks is careful with what stuff they sell but this is untrue. There is a lot more smut you can buy at Starbucks if you look. I know someone who got one of Stepehn Lynch Cds from Starbucks. There is a song bout preist raping boys...HELLLO!? Starbucks is so gay and hypocritical. -.-

The only problem Starbucks has with Bruce is that it is Bruce who sings something a lil randchy and he is not expected too. It's not like people buy CDs from Starbucks or anything.

Bruce Springteen is very far from ever singing anything remotely offensive. Starbucks is just using it's power to look like it hs family values or something and look good so people will go there.
actually the song "Reno" is kinda racy for him. It's a very graphic description of him and a prostitute.
Graphic? It said in the article it was him getting the price to do anal. Maybe I should listen to it...but i hear Country folks singers sings stuff like that sometime. But no one says country is racey...even if it's about killing your husband and hiding the body and getting money for it with your girlfriends.

Or how about a song about wanting to do your g/f's mom whose obviously a MILF? Have you heard "Reno"? I obviously have not. XD
if you goto you can listen to a clip and I am sure you can find the lyrics somewhere online if you google them
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